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Session 1: 5/18/2015 - 6/19/2015
Register CRN Code Name Days/Time Professor
30666 BIOL 159 Human Anatomy & Physiology II T,R : 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM Skinner
30667 BIOL 159X Human Anatomy/Physiolog II Lab T,R : 1:30 PM - 4:50 PM Skinner
This is just the lab portion for the course, by registering for the course, you will be registered for the lab as well.
Session 2: 5/18/2015 - 6/26/2015
Register CRN Code Name Days/Time Professor
30888 ACCT 101 Financial Accounting (C) ONLINE Gemmiti
30889 ACCT 103 Managerial Accounting (C) ONLINE Gemmiti
30760 CITA 112 Spreadsheet & Database Appl(C) ONLINE Schwarzenegger
30764 COMM 301 Technical Communication ONLINE Hage
30883 ENGL 101 Composition I ONLINE Johnson
30687 ENGL 241 Short Story ONLINE McGiver
30766 ENGL 310 Selected Topics in Literature ONLINE MacLeod
Lit of the Holocaust
30752 ENGL 320 Write:Human Express&Ntrl Wrld ONLINE McGiver
30861 HUMS 310 Selected Topics Humanities ONLINE Burns
"Real Life" Adventures
30891 MATH 111 College Algebra ONLINE Verderber
30695 MATH 125 Statistics (C) ONLINE Perez
30744 MATH 131 Pre-Calculus ONLINE Garvey
30886 PHIL 101 Intro to Philosophy (C) ONLINE Mazzucco
30890 PSYC 111 General Psychology (C) ONLINE Corbett
30855 SUST 101 Introduction to Sustainability ONLINE Drinkard
Session 3: 6/29/2015 - 8/7/2015
Register CRN Code Name Days/Time Professor
30767 ARTS 125 History of Art II ONLINE Vaughan
30743 ENGL 241 Short Story ONLINE McGiver
30700 ENGL 316 Rdngs in Native American Lit ONLINE Christian
30733 ENGL 320 Write:Human Express&Ntrl Wrld ONLINE McGiver
30755 HIST 122 History of United States II(C) ONLINE Rivera
30747 MATH 111 College Algebra ONLINE Perez
30746 MATH 125 Statistics (C) ONLINE Perez
30885 MATH 225 Statistical Methods ONLINE Verderber
30735 MATH 231 Calculus I (C) ONLINE Verderber
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